New Barn

Some previous New Barn events

To give people an idea of what New Barn Riders is all about, below is a selection of some of the varied and diverse topics that are discussed on our Wednesday evenings. 
 Saddles and Saddle Fitting
Lisa Pritchard and Lorna Kettle. 
Another great turnout with 30+ people coming along to listen to Lorna Kettle from Happier Horses and Lisa Pritchard from the Modern Horse discuss Saddles and saddle fitting.
Lorna had previously decorated two of the New Barn horses, with Fergal sporting a skeleton on his side and Cal his muscular system. Lorna's explanation of how the whole muscular skeletal system is affected by a poorly fitting saddle caused quite a few eyebrows to shoot upwards, and lots of whispering and nodding as spectators suddenly understood why tripping, stumbling, head shaking and dragging feet can be symptoms of a badly fitted saddle, as well as obvious discomfort from directly under the saddle.
Lisa followed up Lorna's talk by discussing some of the wide variety of makes of saddles, including treeless, semi-treed and the differences between dressage, VSD, GP etc, and how the rider can create the same problems as a badly fitting saddle, if they cannot sit well in their own saddle.
Despite another unseasonably cold evening, this talk was extremely well received and we were fighting to finish off and go home!